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Today we share these special Prayer Points for Easter. We wish you Easter Blessings and ask that you join with us as we help build hope, homes and community every day.

Glorious God,

We revel in the beauties of Your creation breaking out all around us: budding trees, blossoming flowers, singing birds—all just minor symbols of the ultimate glory of Your Easter resurrection gift of relationship with You which shall never end.

So, dear God, in the experiences of the beauties of Your creation; and in the celebration and thanksgiving for Your eternal victory over evil and death, revealed to us in an empty tomb and in Christ-alive; we open our lives to be filled anew with Your living Spirit:

– to forgive us all our failures, and
– to use us more completely in Your service.

God, do send us forth this Easter in new ways to be vessels through which others respond to Christ alive in the world.  


We wish you Easter Blessings and ask that you join with us as we help build hope, homes and community every day.

Easter Prayer Points

Habitat responding to disasters      

Pray for Habitat for Humanity as they continue to work with families and entire communities in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan.  Pray for all those involved in the reconstruction efforts, that they will make good progress and overcome the challenges faced by the availability of construction materials.

Pray for all the families that are still living in makeshift homes, with fragile roofs and walls, and give thanks for all the donations which Habitat has received to allow the continued distribution of shelter repair kits to improve conditions while rebuilding takes place.

Pray that Habitat for Humanity will continue to receive generous support to enable it to meet its target of distributing more than 30,000 shelter repair kits and building 30,000 core homes.

Habitat ReStore
Pray for Habitat’s work in Northern Ireland and new opportunities to serve the local community through partnerships and the Habitat ReStore in Lisburn.  Give thanks for the 13,000 hours invested to date by ReStore volunteers and pray for new volunteers who would be interested in joining the ReStore team during the weeks and months ahead, alleviating pressures on Saturdays and during the summer months.

Give thanks for committed volunteers who are the hands and heart and voices for Habitat’s work. Pray for the safety of every volunteer travelling in the weeks and months ahead and give thanks for people from across Northern Ireland who are motivated to serve people who have so much less than we do. Pray that the forthcoming Orientation and Commissioning event will prepare each volunteer in their journey and that each individual will become a long-term advocate for Habitat and the global need for simple, decent, affordable housing.

Give thanks for Habitat staff working locally and around the world. Give thanks for their commitment and pray for a clear sense of vision and Your purpose. Give thanks that Habitat NI was able to welcome Kebede Abede from Habitat Ethiopia and Joseph Musanje of Habitat Zambia to Northern Ireland and for the information that they shared with schools, churches, politicians and individuals across the country. Pray that partnerships will continue to be at the heart of Habitat’s work and that they will enable Habitat to not just build houses but to give a ‘hand-up’ to families, helping them build their own way out of poverty.
As Habitat NI prepares to hold its first Shack Attack event in Lisburn, allowing teams to build their own shelter and experience a little of the hardship faced by millions of people every day, give thanks for the safety and security that a home provides.  Help us to remember that for 1.6 billion people home is not the place it should be and pray for continued innovation and creativity as Habitat works to develop solutions which meet the needs of local communities; alleviating poverty through housing; improving health and increasing livelihood support.





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