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Today Pam Campbell reflects on the amazing power of hope During this season of Lent, no matter what storms may batter us, may we draw strength from the assurance that always there is hope.

My friend is so scared about her daughter’s health. Waiting for a diagnosis is excruciating. Developing all your own theories is terrifying. But there is hope.

 This friend and I grew up together. After reconnecting several years ago, we have been praying together regularly. However, I get the feeling that my friend just doesn’t quite trust God with this one. I have felt a strong sense of calling to be there for her, to encourage her and to minister to her — even amid my own storms. I want to assure her that there is hope. I want her to feel the power of Isaiah 40:31.

My family recently emerged from the dark shadows that a long illness casts. I want to shout loud praises that my own daughter is feeling great. God has been so present and so obvious in this difficult time. I know there is hope.

However, many other people in my close circle are hurting. I just lost my father-inlaw; cancer diagnoses and treatments are touching so many people; and other health issues are looming. I have to remind myself there is hope.

I keep coming back to that phrase — there is hope — which is the hook in a song written by one of the members of the band at my church. I keep picturing him strumming his guitar and singing that powerful message.

I cling to those words even when it is hard to believe them, like when a package bomb exploded in the home of an attorney in the county where I live. The blast killed both the attorney and his wife, who were good friends of many people I know. Their son-in-law has been arrested.

I know I can trust God even amid all these storms. My desire to help my friend trust in God has helped me to remain hopeful. No matter what goes on around us, Jesus remains the same. Jesus gives us hope. I want my friend to believe that, and I want her to draw strength from that reality, so I find myself continually urging her to trust and to be strong — because there is hope.

Perhaps more powerful than the fact that Habitat for Humanity builds homes and communities is the reality that we build hope. We help people believe that their lives can be better, and we walk alongside them to create new opportunities.

During this season of Lent, no matter what storms may batter us, may we draw strength from the assurance that always there is hope.


Great and gracious God, thank You for Your presence in all circumstances. Thank You for images and melodies that stick in our minds and our hearts to remind us that there is hope. Lord, we pray for those who feel hopeless. Shine on them the light of Your comfort and Your great love. Amen.

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