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Since 2005, Habitat NI’s partnership with Habitat Ethiopia has delivered significant impacts for vulnerable communities.

In the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, Habitat is the only global NGO working in the slums. Together, with Habitat Ethiopia, we have served more than 6,000 families through healthy homes, eco stoves and access to water and sanitation facilities. Over the next three years our partnership will focus on the painstaking, challenging work of upgrading slums to improve the lives of hundreds more families through water and sanitation; community toilets and eco kitchens as well as upgrading pathways and building retaining walls to prevent flooding.

 Watch the video below to see the work that Habitat supports.

Key Statistics

  • For 12 years Habitat NI have been supporting projects in Ethiopia

  • 6,000 people served through the Habitat NI Ethiopia Partnership

  • 90 percent of homes are in need of repair in urban areas

  • 70 percent of people do not have access to piped water


With your help we will serve many more families in need.

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