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The Need in India

  • Almost 30% of the population live below the poverty line

  • 597 million people are forced to go to the toilet in the open

  • 73 million families do not have access to decent shelter

In India, there is a staggering need for homes and proper sanitation. It is estimated that an additional 18 million homes are required for every family to have a decent place to live.

More than half of the population are forced to go to the toilet in the open, according to the UN.  In some slum areas, toilet blocks do exist but they are often dirty, poorly maintained and the door does not lock. These conditions put families at risk of disease and make women and girls vulnerable to attack. There are normally fees to use these facilities which the poorest families cannot afford. 

Currently, Habitat Ireland partners with Habitat India to provide housing and sanitation solutions. In the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Habitat reached more than 1.3 million people through emergency hygiene and family essentials kits, cash transfers and delivered 16 COVID Care Centres which have already provided bed spaces for over 4,000 people. 

Watch the video below to see how Habitat changes lives in some of India's most vulnerable communities.

Support from Ireland changes lives:

“I kept chasing my dream to have a better house and now the day has arrived when that dream has come. This new home will give us a new sense of identity.” - Shabnam, Habitat homeowner

Change Lives in India

Help build a brighter future for families in urgent need of a place for call home.


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