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Every day Habitat NI supports all of these programmes around the world. Read the stories of those who benefit from our support.

The Tun Family

Sopheap and her daughter Sreynith, stand in front of the house that she helped build with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat NI supports the building homes and the WASH programme in Cambodia.

Bertha Likeke

Bertha and her son can now enjoy their home, built as part of Habitat Malawi’s Orphans and Vulnerable Groups program. The poorest are worst affected, including the 1.4 million children who are vulnerable, largely as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The Donai Family

Marie, a widow, lives with her four children in a home retrofitted by Habitat for Humanity to make it safer and more resistant to earthquakes. In Haiti, Habitat has improved more than 650 homes, that have resulted in safer, healthier living conditions.

Radha Devi

Radha, her husband, and three children now live in their Habitat home in Bawana, India. There is high unemployment, and the few existing jobs are poorly paid and dangerous. Habitat NI sends support to India, where programmes have built over 500 homes in this community.

The Mwale Family

Elizabeth lives in her Habitat home, where she takes care of six children. Habitat Zambia supported her as part of the OVC programme, a response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that was creating an overwhelming number of orphans.

Anita Bairwa

Anita Bairwa lives with her husband and two sons in the small village of Dhakiya. They have benefited from the construction of a latrine, as part of a Habitat for Humanity India water and sanitation project in the area.

Guti Pariyar

Guti has lived in the ShivaTole community for twelve years. She shares her small house with eight family members. Habitat NI sent support to Nepal after the devastating earthquakes in 2015.

The Tilahun Family

Liben and his wife are both ex-leprosy patients who are physically affected by the disease. They used to live in a plastic sheet house with their 5 children in Ethiopia, before they became Habitat home-owners.


Iliutã is an orphan in Medias, Romania. His parents left when he was very young due to his severe learning disabilities. He is unable to live by himself, Habitat NI is supporting the renovation of workshops where Iliutã will learn vital skills.

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